Our Profits Fund Communities in Need

Our Vision

Through social innovation and profitable businesses, we will eradicate poverty.


Thrive Services Group was founded on the belief that generating profits and doing good for the community can coexist to create a world where every person can thrive. Bottom line: We believe business can end poverty.

Leading by example, we intentionally and purposefully establish businesses whose profits will be richly invested in the most pressing needs of individuals and communities.

By collaborating with communities, investors, and business partners, we provide creative, unique, and effective solutions in housing, education, food security, and health services, which result in social and financial return for generations to come.

An Innovative Business Model

An idea conceived and brought to fruition by Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona (GCNA) leadership, Thrive Services Group Inc. (Thrive) was launched in January 2022 and born from a commitment to further serve those in our community who are most disadvantaged and forgotten.

Thrive, a taxable, not-for-profit organization, is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Tim O’Neal, who continues to serve as CEO for Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona.

GCNA leadership saw an opportunity to remove barriers and deliver an even broader impact to the community by standing up Thrive, which operates as an independent and legally separate entity from GCNA.

Thrive was built to be an engine for social innovation and shares GCNA’s approach of using business operations to fund a clear mission. Thrive is designed to deliver purpose and profit.

Thrive envisions a future without poverty, homelessness, hunger, and all their corollary impacts. Thrive will leverage its expertise, community relationships, and operational knowledge to establish businesses that will further advance much-needed social services.

Profits from Thrive’s business entities will be directed toward funding programs for underserved communities, GCNA and its existing programs.