Business Can Eradicate Poverty

Thrive Services Group Inc. is a taxable, not-for-profit organization that was created to be an engine for social innovation and impact. Our company was founded on the belief that generating profits and doing good for the community can coexist to create a world where every person can thrive. We believe business can end poverty.

Leading by example, we will intentionally and purposefully establish and operate businesses whose profits will be invested richly in the most pressing needs of individuals and communities. By collaborating with communities, investors, and business partners, we will provide creative, unique, and effective solutions in food security and health services, which result in social and financial return for generations to come.


Our Current Businesses

Thrive Food Services Group is a for-profit business. Proceeds from Food Services fund social services programs in education and housing. Noble Ground Coffee is its first business to launch, and is one of many food services opportunities.

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Thrive Development offers commercial development, multi-family residential redevelopments, new construction, acquisitions and dispositions, and construction project management services.

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Thrive Real Estate provides brokerage services to help organizations develop long-term growth strategies, maximize revenue, and attain long-term real estate goals.

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Our business model disproves the widely held belief businesses have to choose between making money and doing good.

With Thrive, everyone can play a part in supporting those who need it the most – and business really can end poverty.