Dan Kellett

President, Thrive Food Services Group

Dan KellettWith an unwavering commitment to innovation and strategic vision, Dan Kellett serves as the driving force behind the launch and growth of Thrive Food Services Group. As President, Kellett has helped shape both the company’s identity and strategic growth. He has guided the development of a robust business plan, setting the stage for Noble Ground Coffee’s dynamic entry into the market. With his innovative approaches to market penetration, brand awareness, and customer engagement, Kellett has ensured that each step forward was carefully designed to accommodate the demands of expansion.

Prior to joining Thrive in January 2022 as a founding leader, Kellett spent much of his career at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona. Beginning his Goodwill career in 2001 as a store manager, Kellett has led every aspect of the organization’s retail and logistics operations during his tenure, from retail stores and retail donation centers to the Retail Operations Center.

Some of Kellett’s significant achievements included implementing new processes and strategic initiatives that made Goodwill stores and operations run more efficiently, which generated increased revenue to support and advance the organization’s mission.

Kellett also played a key role in improving culture across the organization, and he was instrumental in partnering with the real estate team to identify and open the right stores as the organization continued to evolve. He helped lead the cloth grading and salvage grading initiatives within Goodwill to further maximize donation value, and he developed new eco-friendly procedures, partnerships and business lines to further strengthen Goodwill’s environmental and sustainability efforts.

Kellett is a vocal advocate of cross-functional teams and leveraging each team member’s contributions. His leadership has helped propel Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona to be one of the top-performing Goodwill organizations in virtually every retail measure.